A Creative Journey

I started pottery in 2016. With lots of encouragement from the people at the Alexandria Clay Coop, I found I had a knack for it, leaning more toward the creative side of clay and less toward perfecting the skills needed to make flawless works. It is a hobby. I am not a pro or a high-volume producer. My stuff isn’t perfect. “Matching Set” isn’t a phrase in my vocabulary. I might go down one creative road for a while, and then decide to go in a completely different direction.

Usually, I sell at a couple of art shows and give other pieces as gifts. Last year, the main show I picked was too early in the season, and people weren’t buying. This year, with COVID-19, I don’t know if there will even be craft shows and I actually have more time for pottery.

So I created this site to display my pottery and also showcase my ecommerce skills.

Please feel free to explore and perhaps buy. I have included shipping in the price. I am sure shipping is going to involve some trial and error, but my plan is to send out all orders within a week of receiving them and, except for the smallest pieces, double box them.

At this point, I can’t take commission work unless I have a six-month window. And note the issue with not being very good at making matching sets.

I tried to get the color in the photos accurate and I think I succeeded for the most part. The shiny nature of some of the pieces caused reflections and I attempted to reduce them as much as possible.

I have not tested any of the pieces to make sure they are food safe, as this is an involved process. Having said that, the glazes I used are lead-free are generally considered to be food safe.

With the more colorful pieces that have a seaweed glaze, I would not run them through the dishwasher. Most of the other ones should be OK.

I include the length, width, height and weight for most of the pieces. For round pieces, the width and height are the diameter. The weights are estimates. If there is no weight listed, that generally means that they are under a pound.